Just something I rendered for funs while I was watching “Paprika”. Oh boy, I loved that movie a lot.

Not a huge update but it’s something. I have been wondering for the proper geometry to make the “feathers” look good without the need of overlapping edge-loops or modifiers. So farI found out how to define them without the final materials looking funky, always quads and never lower polys or higher n-gons.

Hope tomorrow I can lay out the rest of the details and start to sculpt everything properly. Good night.

Like a white dove, into the sky it goes.

After 3 days of bidding my time waiting for bureaucracy to act on an issue, I’m free at last to advance the model. When I’m finished with the tail I’ll head straight to the legs, then the few details like the nails, rings, eye, the inside of the mouth and those weird hand-guards.

When the main mesh is finished, I’ll make some tweaks to adjust it to how Sugimori depicted it (more slender and such) and proceed to sculpt the details on the body like the folds of fur/feathers on his body, define the paws, create the pattern at the tail engine, etcetera. 

Boy, it’s going to be a long journey. Worth it.

"First my rings and now my nails?? Oh pwease…"

Said the unbearable one. Today I advanced very little because EverQuest Landmark beta key. Now to sleep.

I think I glitched my Blender. Now he looks like a ghost!

"Duuuude, where are my ringsss???"

Said the impatient one. Oh gosh, I should go to sleep…

I suppose people will like to see that I’m again back at doing HD pokémon. The thing is if they will like it or not when I’m finished creating a realistic HD pokémon without going overboard, ala “How to train your dragon” but staying close of Sugimori’s art. Wish me luck and patience. Here a teaser of a half finished head of one of the legendaries.

The map in all directions (as seen from a point closest to the Earth) of the relic radiation from the Big Bang, the oldest light in existence. To the naked eye the universe is black but with well prepared telescopes, the universe, indeed, glows… You see this in all directions, like inside the fire of an explosion. The sliding to red shows up parts of the universe that are hottest and the blueish are the coldest. When the universe had no neutrons, the universe was a glowing hot fog of plasma because the particles darted freely full of energy, but when it cooled and the protons combined with the electrons to form neutral atoms, the radiation started to fade until it became “transparent”, until the birth of the stars that started to squash matter angrily and churned out the reality we see now.

Remember, when you watch the space above, you are just gazing at one of the greatest lies in the universe. Blame your eyes.