Just wanted to post a selfie of my buddy in School of Dragons :P
I’m working on the next render, so far 10% of modelling and going to try to rig it and composite it on a background so that there are no more black backgrounds anymore :P

Just wanted to post a selfie of my buddy in School of Dragons :P

I’m working on the next render, so far 10% of modelling and going to try to rig it and composite it on a background so that there are no more black backgrounds anymore :P

This one was easier to pull out. Just took a while to figure out how it would like in the “render world” and calculate the materials accordingly. A shy and squishy creature that prefer to flee rather than fight, will still spit out acidic bubbles if threatened.

Still, the CPU looked like wishing to jump off my desk and walk away through the door without looking back! Terribly in need of that 2.7 update :F

It took a long while to figure this one out, but I think it ended decent. I had so much fun messing around until I saw it was impossible to create the combination I wanted (no fire particles was a let down), and settled with a previous test I made. And all this before 2.7 goes into the wild. My CPU will be relieved of so much stress when it arrives, lol :P Everything procedural, as always.

24 to go!

Studying clouds is quite fun. How sad they aren’t as fluffy and cuddly as they look from very afar :P In fact, when I was little and went to a trip to one of our volcanoes, I was very upset of not seeing them but a thick wet and super cold fog, nothing like all those things that appears in 3D movies like How to Train your Dragon for example :(

So, I’m going to be loyal to my experiences and do clouds like smoke, like the particles they are. Really, wish clouds were more “swirly” but unlike smoke, the particles are way too big and spread to even interact with them.

No no, even the DreamWorks’ intro is too unrealistic, but hey, I’m not the one to judge romantic flights in between the clouds :D

Another try, another test, this time with different particle settings. I think the result is so so. Feeling sleepy already to tweak it further :P

These AI hatch with a latent power that have a timed lifespan, so they don’t need to feed in this stage. The temporizer is the fuse, which burns slowly or quickly depending of its mood. Is up to this creature (or its master) to harness that power to make it evolve further, otherwise when its internal clock reaches zero (or the fuse is consumed) the AI dies and its data scatters and feeds nearby eggs, prompting their hatching. The fuse can’t be doused so it’s up to its master or to itself to control themselves until the time is right for evolution, thus saving it from a premature death. They are gone with a soundly BOOM. They are based on the cherry bombs and uses its fuse to create intense sparks to startle its enemies.

I lost the count! Ah, 25 to go ^^

Fight for the Future and Namecheap have parked a truck with a giant video billboard directly across the street from the FCC!



This just in! We’ve teamed up with our friends at domain registrar Namecheap to bring the overwhelming public outcry for real net neutrality protections directly to the agency’s doorstep.

As the hours count down to the FCC’s net neutrality comment deadline, we have obtained a permit to park…

I just wanted to share this still of my Skrill “Jinouga Ashu” (AKA Jin) and me flying around the caldera of School of Dragons :)

It’s been a while. RL taking my time from advancing the project. Particles are still tricky to handle and duplicated meshes are hard to push around, so I needed to do mostly everything by hand. I think it ended nice though, I believe he’s happy that there is still someone out there who likes him. I did what I could…

Anyways, do you remember this little guy? Bandai doesn’t. For the sake of simplicity lets say this cute little fellah has one of the BEST and most AWESOME evolution lines ever. What was the answer of Bandai? USE MEGA ONLY, BURY THE REST. This little guy suffered one of the worst fates since Season V, along with the poor original Falcomon and the never-seen Commandramon and his evolution line (reduced to a hat and a poorly recolored Mega mutation in Season V). This good baby of digital monster was condemned TO OBLIVION. Make a place in your heart for this poor little guy, for the franchise will never recover it from the bin it was sentenced to rot. Let those red eyes sink in. Give him a home.

It is based on an stylized Hypochaeris Radicata or Leontodon, it uses its springy tail to propulse itself onwards.

26 to go!

Wish I could get my hands on one of this.

Whew, it took its sweet time but I managed to pull it. Thing is I spent a lot of time juggling with fire physics and despite I managed to create something appealing, the baked cache is not implemented in Cycles! I was like “okay… to make a procedural flame out of the blue”, so yeah, I modelled the flame and created my own fiery shader as placeholder until they implement fire physics :P On the other hand, since it is a reptile line, a skin of scales was a must :B

Anyways, enjoy. This is one of my favourite Baby stages :) 27 to go!