Shin Megami Tensei figurines. Oh if I could get hold of all the collection (or get at least Satan, Samael and both Lucifer) it would be EPICSAUCE.


Today I decided to install Source Filmmaker and try out my hand at an animation. I have installed all the Half-Lifes, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 2, GMOD and Team Fortress 2 to have as many props as possible, and, see if I can upload my models there and see if they work. Wish me luck!

Hot afterburner is heating up!

While I was correcting and detailing the tail, it struck me to play on my own with the materials to try to create a hot-fire material thingie for when Snowhite’s tail glows. I’m positive after I make the details of the burner tail and tweak the weights it will turn out into a very pretty sight, and it is very fun to experiment with the nodes!

Giving more detail to the shapes and correcting geometry.

I better give it a rest for today. Man, how I hate mondays.

Putting the eye aside, all the parts of the monster are there. I made more accurate colour materials and now I just need to start to make the details and correct some horrifying mistakes. Oh, and add the eyes, mouth, teeth and tongue. Yadda yadda. 

Experimenting with the SSS, volume absorption and dispersion of the liquid to make blood. It’s still too noisy for 2000 passes…

Just something I rendered for funs while I was watching “Paprika”. Oh boy, I loved that movie a lot.